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UK Property Sales

Please check for all address property sale ( England & Wales) from 1995 to current Month by simply entering a postcode and check the property sales records as supplied by HMG land registry - All records are crown copyrighted

Free Search Find People - UK Electoral Roll

Free Search Electoral collates information gathered from various public sources and provides to the user, a near complete profile of any person you find on the site. A typical profile will include full name, current or historic address, age, landline/Mobile number and email address (where available), linked addresses, along with other household occupants, neighbours, property prices and even a street view of the identified address/house.

The UK Electoral Register or Voters Rolls

The Electoral Register includes the names and addresses of the majority of UK citizens over the age of eighteen.  2002 was the last year the full electoral register was made available as a public document. Since 2003 the electoral register that is sold to commercial companies with consent to process is the Open Electoral Roll previously known as the edited electoral roll. Our searchable databases of people and addresses go back to 1980 right up to the current 2016 electoral roll register.

In addition to the electoral roll data set we have a consented database of people and address that will provide approximately 90% coverage of the United Kingdom population. 

We provide you with ability to search the electoral roll with a slight delay and adverts for free or via our sponsors instant paid service